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    感謝大家對PERCY LAU的喜愛與支持。自品牌於2013年在香港創立起,因天馬行空的創意獲得《Vogue》義大利、《Hunger Magazine》等時尚媒體,以及Lady Gaga、陳偉霆、田原等時尚人士的青睞,同時也受到越來越多的消費者的認可和好評。對此,我們常懷感激。

    然而遺憾的是,近來我們發現內地淘寶、微店等電子商務平臺上出現了不少仿冒PERCY LAU 2017SS DADA CHILD 等系列的產品。並且在未經授權的情況下無視法例規定,盜用我們產品的設計、或打上了PERCY LAU的品牌標識,這嚴重欺騙了喜愛PERCY LAU的消費者,並影響了我們的品牌形象。


    1、PERCY LAU品牌產品除在官方網站(銷售外,僅授權Dressing for Fun、棟梁、Monster、Coterie、Zuczug素然、798「東西」Store、Money Shop、YCO SPACE、詩楠、Arrits在電子商務平臺銷售。其他在淘寶、微信等網路平臺銷售的標稱為PERCY LAU的產品,我們無法知曉其實際來源及是否正品,請消費者謹慎選擇。

    2、任何假借PERCY LAU品牌名義進行宣傳,實際銷售仿冒、劣质產品的行為是嚴重的違法行為。對於這樣的行為我們都將通過法律途徑,追究到底。

    關於PERCY LAU品牌的更多資訊,歡迎訪問品牌官方網站(瞭解。


    Dear customers,

    This is Percy. Hope you are well.

    Thank you all your love and support for PERCY LAU. Since the brand founded in Hong Kong in 2013, we have been fond by "Vogue" Italia, "Hunger Magazine" and other fashion media, as well as fashion icon like Lady Gaga, William Chan and Yuen Tian etc. Meanwhile, we have also increased our customer recognition in the market. We are grateful for the results. 

    However unfortunately, we found that several shops have been counterfeit our 2017SS DADA CHILD collection and distributed on TAOBAO, WeChat and other e-commerce platforms. Organisations using PERCY LAU designs or brand logo without authorisation are violating the trust of customers and causing serious damage to our brand image. 

    Therefore, we declare:

    1. Despite our official website (, we only authorise the following stores including Dressing for Fun, DONLIANG, Monster, Coterie, Zuczug, 798DONG XIStore, Money Shop, YCO Space, Shinan, ARRITS to sell our products on the e-commerce platform. Please be aware of any other products sold in TAOBAO, WeChat or other e-commerce platform which claim to be PERCY LAU products, we have no proof whether the source is legit.  

    Any organisations to sell counterfeit and inferior products using the name of PERCY LAU without permission is illegal. We will take legal actions against such behaviour. 

    2. To find out more information about PERCY LAU, please visit

    If you find any suspicious products, please contact us through Thank you.